The Colombian government’s peacemaking team condemned the bombing of an Ecopetrol pipeline in the eastern region of the South American country and accused the National Liberation Army (ELN) guerrilla of the attack.

Juan Camilo Restrepo, Colombia’s chief negotiator, said that “to contaminate water sources, aqueducts, is the most degraded way of practicing terrorism against the civilian population.”

Around 700 families had their access to water services cut after the last attack against the Ca?o Lim?n Cove?as pipeline, occurred on Monday.

“This unfortunate event illustrates the need, in the case of a bilateral ceasefire with the ELN, that is essential that hostilities against the civilian population cease,” Restrepo added.

The Colombian government and the ELN are negotiating a ceasefire before Pope Francis visit to the country, scheduled for the next week. The ELN, however, did not claim or denied the attack so far.

Year-to-date, there have been 43 attacks against the Ca?o Lim?n Cove?as pipeline in the Colombian departments (states) of Arauca, Norte de Santander, Boyac?, and Cesar.

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