The price of Bitcoin broke another record yesterday as it crosses the symbolic $10,000 threshold. Not content to stop here, Bitcoin continued to rally during the Asian session and tested the $11,000 level. The pace of Bitcoin appreciation has accelerated recently as both institutional and retail investors keep piling into the crypto market. The likelihood of a bubble doesn’t scare anyone.

I think that there is plenty of room for further Bitcoin appreciation. There are actually several reasons. Firstly, although institutional investors already have a foot in the crypto space, the inflow of money if far from over as many big players haven’t move yet. The arrival of CME and CBOE derivatives will just make BTC investing much easier and will encourage skittish investors to take the leap. Secondly, several key projects, such as Rootstock or Lightning Network, which are built on the top of Bitcoin, that aim as improving Bitcoin’s scalability will be released soon. Finally, people are claiming