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The Daily: Tether Regains Ground, Coinbase Does Dublin

Today’s edition of The Daily starts where Monday’s left off: by looking at the latest on Tether, whose stablecoin anchors so much of the cryptoconomy. In related news, we detail Bitfinex’s banking situation and reveal why Coinbase has chosen Dublin to be its European headquarters. Also read: Tether Sheds Its Peg Tether Regains Ground The […]

Crypto Trade Volume Doubles Overnight, Have The Bears Run Out Of Steam?

After a seemingly endless cycle of non-action, the crypto market finally saw a spark of life on Monday, as fears of a Tether ‘bank run’ hit newfound highs, while confusion strong-handed investors into making moves. In the span of just a few hours, exchanges recorded billions of dollars volume, quickly pushing this market off its […]

The Value of Uncensorable Technology in an Age of Censorship

Governments and corporations have deployed censorship to limit speech and deprive people of vital communication channels. The ruling elite are trying to shush activists and freethinkers, but they are losing control and lashing out in frustration. This is why the emergence of decentralized tools and uncensorable money is more vital than ever. Also read: Bitcoin […]

Gold Longterm Picture

Gold Longterm Picture GOLD (US$/OZ) TVC:GOLD WinstonWolfe Goldlongterm bull market trend still in tact.

Die Bad Bank für Scam-Tokens

Der Wiener Werner Böhm hat sich mit FinTelegram dem Kampf gegen Betrug im Kryptomarkt verschrieben. Mit EFRI planen er und sein Team, Betroffenen die Möglichkeit zu geben, zumindest einen Teil ihre Investments zurück zu erhalten. Dafür will er im ersten Schritt ein Token Placement machen, in das man auch mit Junk-Token investieren kann. Im Interview […]

TrakInvest (TRAK) is now listed on Gatecoin.

Gatecoin has listed TrakInvest (TRAK) on our exchange. You can now trade TRAK with BTC and ETH. What is TrakInvest? TrakInvest is a virtual social trading platform, creating a decentralized peer to peer(P2P) ecosystem that allows participants to perform value-added services by utilizing blockchain technology. Being the world’s first virtual social trading platform, TrakInvest embraces the […]

Fourth Wave in Progress

Fourth Wave in Progress Ethereum / Dollar BITFINEX:ETHUSD theansweris42 Kennedy channelling used to infer EW structure. wave 4 in progress. Grey circled area indicates probable bounce territory. Blue circled area = probable target.