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No image available Meet the Freelancer’s Marketplace Powered by Bitcoin Cash

Three days ago a new freelancer’s marketplace was launched called, a platform that allows people to purchase and sell services for only $5. The new website has seen an influx of listings since it launched and all the payments, both inbound and outbound, utilize the peer-to-peer cryptocurrency bitcoin cash. Also read: Report: 15,000 Twitter […]

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US Investor Files Lawsuit Against AT&T Over Cryptocurrency Theft

A U.S.-based cryptocurrency investor and entrepreneur has filed a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against telecommunications firm AT&T. Michael Terpin believes that he became the victim of a theft in which a large amount of digital currency was taken from him due to the company’s negligence. Terpin Believes He Was the Victim of a SIM Swap Fraud Michael […]

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Daily Market Report for August 15 2018

August 15 2018 KRAKEN DIGITAL ASSET EXCHANGE $191M traded across all markets today Crypto, EUR, USD, JPY, CAD, GBP  BTC $6,516 ↑6.98% $103M ETH $295.4 ↑12.8% $58.5M XRP $0.2919 ↑10.5% $7.68M LTC $56.98 ↑8.22% $3.79M BCH $527.59 ↑8.29% $3.76M ETC $12.42 ↑14.2% $3.66M EOS $4.77 ↑10.2% $2.76M XLM $0.2237 ↑5.56% $1.61M XMR $91.41 ↑12.9% $1.46M USDT $1.00 →0.00% $1.42M DASH $159.7 ↑15.3% $1.39M ZEC $140.3 ↑11.2% $978,663 MLN $6.07 ↑4.48% $501,762 REP $17.57 ↑13.4% $306,349 ICN $0.463 ↑6.80% $101,529 DOGE $0.0024 ↑9.84% $76,227 Visit the About section on our blog for more information about the Kraken Daily Market Report here. The post Daily Market Report for August 15 2018 appeared first on Kraken Blog. The post Daily Market […]

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How does the Exchange work?

Bitex Exchange is a buying and selling market of Bitcoin in real time. Users place orders that are perfected in the platform. Follow the steps below to get started: 1- Register here 2- Complete the data according to the profile of users (Physical or Legal Person) 3- Cash in into the Bitex account Bitex will […]

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Coinbase Acquires Digital Identity Startup Distributed Systems

Coinbase is advancing its push into developing a secure digital identity platform by acquiring San Francisco-based startup Distributed Systems. The post Coinbase Acquires Digital Identity Startup Distributed Systems appeared first on

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Korean Blockchain Groups Blast Plan to Strip Crypto Exchange Benefits

Several blockchain associations in South Korea are pushing back against a government proposal they fear will stifle industry innovation. The post Korean Blockchain Groups Blast Plan to Strip Crypto Exchange Benefits appeared first on

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The Daily: Stoners Drop Crypto From IPO, Binance Launches Academy

In today’s edition of Bitcoin in Brief we cover stories about the stoners’ magazine High Times which dropped cryptocurrencies from its IPO, Binance launching its own academy, an institutional investors program by Kucoin and the Cash App expanding its crypto buying service across America. Also Read: An ICO Venture Is Trying to Take Over a […]

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Trouble on the Horizon? What Last Weekend’s Ruckus Means for Bitmain’s IPO

<br /><br /> <br /><br /> Over the weekend, information surfaced that could suggest that mining giant Bitmain may be facing an uphill battle as it looks to launch an IPO on the Hong Kong stock exchange.Newly leaked public information reveals that, in its pre-IPO presentation to investors, Bitmain provided insight into its cryptocurrency holdings, […]