China’s far reaching influence while US data is not showing any signs of letting go.

  China’s  far-reaching influence  Flagging growth in China revived global growth concerns. Naturally, pressuring  EM Asia and triggering a global equity market sell-off. But the diverging comprehensive global growth narrative should continue to favour broader  USD gains. Specifically, it was Read More

The Fed affect 

The Fed affect  After the questionable USD flop following midterms, the “Dollar weakness” story is quickly running out of favour. The Greenback was showing some Moxy in the early NY session, which was then supported as US jobless claims for Read More

As the election dust settles

Markets US markets had a tremendous post-election session as the great divide offers investors with some sense of relief that there are more checks and balances on President Trump freewheeling style of politics but has left analyst debating what this Read More