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Onwards and Upwards

Onwards and Upwards Onwards and Upwards Equity market The US stock markets rose overnight as investors, at least for today have put trade fears in check, as the US tech sector beckons and roars. While markets remain unsure if we’re in the calm after the storm, the lull between storms or even in the eye […]

Iran Could Reach OPEC Oil Output Compromise

Iran signaled on Wednesday it could compromise on a small increase in OPEC oil output when the group meets this week, as Saudi Arabia scrambled to convince fellow members of the need for a larger rise in production. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries meets on Friday to decide output policy amid calls from […]

Gold steady as markets brace for next salvo in trade war

Gold has inched lower on the Wednesday session. In North American trade, the spot price for one ounce of gold is $1274.11, down 0.06% on the day. On the release front, the U.S current account deficit narrowed to $124 billion, beating the forecast of $129 billion. As well, Existing Home Sales dropped to a 3-month […]

OPEC Divided on Increasing Oil Supply

OPEC kingpin Saudi Arabia is struggling to convince some of the world’s largest oil producers over the need to increase oil output ahead of a key meeting on Friday. The Middle-East-dominated oil cartel is not scheduled to make a decision over production policy until later this week, although the gathering of OPEC and other exporters […]

Oil Market Awaits China Decision to Increase Tariffs on US Crude

Oil markets are bracing for a reshuffle of global trade flows as China threatens to impose tit-for-tat tariffs on imports of U.S. energy products, including crude. China, which has bought an average 330,000 barrels per day (bpd) of U.S. crude oil this year, is threatening to place a 25 percent tariff on various U.S. commodity […]

Risk-off mode pauses for breath in Asia

US Treasuries benefit from safe haven flows The escalating trade war between the two economic superpowers, US and China, continues to weigh on investor sentiment. Safe haven flows from both equities and currencies are targeting longer-dated US Treasuries, pushing the 10-year US yield below 2.90% for the first time this month. As Treasuries benefit, so […]

Winds of Trade War Howling ( OANDA Bloomberg Radio)

Stephen Innes, Head: Trading Asia Pacific, Oanda, discussed the war of attrition we are seeing on trade tariffs between the U.S. and China with Bryan Curtis and Paul Allen. He goes onto look at haven demand, how U.S. goods could face a broader international backlash and finally explains why he sees the Malaysian ringgit as […]

The winds of a trade war are howling

The winds of a trade war are howling The winds of a trade war are howling as a tariff -induced polar vortex has frozen out investors dead in their tracks. It’s been an intense 24 hours of attrition which has seen many a savvy investor fold like a cheap deck of card, but for those […]

Gold Drops to 2018 Low as Trade War Fears Boost Greenback

Gold is under pressure in the Tuesday session. In North American trade, the spot price for one ounce of gold is $1275.69, down 0.22% on the day. Earlier in the day, gold dropped to $1270, its lowest level since December. On the release front, construction indicators were a mix. Building Permits dropped to 1.30 million, shy […]

Mario Draghi , the master of the dark art of central bank communiqué

Mario Draghi, the master of the dark art of central bank  communiqué After last week’s dramatic price action dubbed “the biggest week of the year” we have another potpourri of events to side-track from the World Cup games this week. There’s more than enough risk events to keep things exciting with a plethora of central […]