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Why Is Venezuela Still Sending Subsidized Oil To Cuba?

Authored by Haley Zaremba via Oilprice.com, In the past, oil has accounted for 96 percent of Venezuela’s exports and over 40 percent of government revenues. Now, as the nation’s economy continues to crumble amid sanctions, political strife, and low oil prices, Venezuela’s all-important oil production is plummeting. In fact, last month’s production was the lowest in […]

Netflix Lost $17.8 Million For Each Of Its 112 Emmy Nominations

Authored by Simon Black via SovereignMan.com, It was only a few day ago that Netflix was riding high. The streaming company had been nominated for a whopping 112 Emmy awards, more than any other network. And they’d further managed to unseat HBO’s 17-year reign as the undisputed king of Emmy nominations. That’s all fine and […]

Russia Liquidates Its US Treasury Holdings

Last month we showed that as Trade Wars began in April, the world’s central banks and other official institutions dumped more Treasuries than in any month since January 2016, some $48.3BN, perhaps over concerns of others selling first, and precipitating a sharp move higher in yields. Fast forward one month later to May, when according […]

Analyst Writes Open Letter To Musk: Stop Tweeting And Apologize

Infamous tech analyst Gene Munster, of Loup Ventures, has had enough with Elon Musk… Following The South China Morning Post’s latest comments: ” If there is an international award for Jerk of the Year, Elon Musk would win hands down,” after his Thai rescue worker pedophile tweet debacle, Munster has decided to write an open-letter to […]

WTI Drops After Surprise Crude Build

Oil prices rebounded to unchanged intraday on hopes that tonight’s API data would show a notable draw and recover the momentum in energy markets. However, WTI dropped as API reported a surprised crude build of 629k (exp was a 4.1mm draw). “We’re expecting a fairly bullish report tonight, a significant decline in U.S. crude oil […]

Mass Migration: “The Fatal Solvent Of The EU”

Authored by Giulio Meotti via The Gatestone Institute, “Far from leading to fusion, Europe’s migration crisis is leading to fission”, Stanford’s historian Niall Ferguson recently wrote. “Increasingly, I believe that the issue of migration will be seen by future historians as the fatal solvent of the EU”. Week after week, Mr. Ferguson’s prediction seems to be turning […]

Commodities Weekly: Oil tumbles on supply/demand dynamics

Oil has been the biggest mover this week with the US-China trade war continuing to undermine the global demand outlook, despite an upbeat assessment of the US economy by Fed Chairman Powell. Gold is still struggling to maintain its safe haven status and other metals remain at the mercy of the rampant US dollar, while […]

US “Super Spy” Program May Explain Mysterious Diplomat Brain Injuries

Authored by Finian Cunningham via The Strategic Culture Foundation, Over the past two years there have been increasing reports of supposed “sonic injuries” among US diplomats. First in Cuba and more recently in China. Controversial implications are that the US officials may have been maliciously targeted by a “sonic weapon” in host countries. However, a […]

Army Starts Testing “Ironman-Like” Exoskeleton For Future Hybrid Wars

As discussed previously, the Army’s Training and Doctrine Command, or TRADOC, drafted a new strategy for how soldiers will operate, fight, and campaign successfully across multiple domains—space, cyberspace, air, land, maritime—against all enemies (Russia and China) in the 2025-2040 timeframe. Warrior Maven has confirmed that the Army is literally “gearing up” for decades of hybrid […]