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The Next Flu Explosion: Rise In Obesity And Diabetes Will Exacerbate Future Pandemics

Scientists involved in a new study published this month in the research journal, Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, have sounded the alarm over their ability to contain future flu pandemics in relation to the rise of obesity especially in the West today.  The study finds that growth rates in obesity and diabetes, along with populations which are increasingly resistant […]

Escobar: What Sanctions On Russia And China Really Mean

Authored by Pepe Escobar via The Asia Times, The Pentagon may not be advocating total war against both Russia and China – as it has been interpreted in some quarters … A crucial Pentagon report on the US defense industrial base and “supply chain resiliency” bluntly accuses China of “military expansion” and “a strategy of economic aggression,” […]

Swiss Banks Curb China Travel After UBS Banker Arrested

Two major Swiss banks imposed restrictions on staff travel to China after a UBS employee was detained in the country, underscoring the challenges of doing business in a country which is a mecca for banks eager to capture and manage (for a generous fee) the fastest growing fortunes in the world, yet are challenged by a […]

Caravan Chaos Continues: Mexican Riot Cops Calm Migrant Violence With Tear Gas

Update (1800ET): As a surge of migrants broke through a steel fence that had been padlocked shut… CNN reports Mexican police in riot gear pushed them back, setting off smoke canisters, and Buzzfeed reports the use of tear gas. Hundreds of Mexican Federal Police sealed the border as drones and helicopters hovered above the crowd, […]

Bolton Pushes Trump To Drop 1987 Treaty After Russia Unveils Advanced Nukes

US national security adviser John Bolton has advised President Trump to abandon the 1987 intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty with Russia after the Kremlin rolled out a nuclear-tipped cruise missile earlier this year in violation of the agreement. No wonder they needed all that uranium!  While the basis for Bolton’s recommendation is Russia’s new 9M729 ground-launched cruise […]

Daily Beast: “Dear God, Hillary Clinton. Please, Just Go.”

As fresh rumors swirl around a potential Hillary Clinton 2020 campaign, Democrats have a clear message for the twice-failed presidential candidate; you’re not helping, please go away, right now.  In an Op-Ed that can best be described as savage, the Daily Beast‘s Liz Mair makes the case that the “zombie” Clintons have risen from their political […]

“All-Out War” Coming: Record Number Of Israeli Tanks Amassed On Gaza Border

After months of violence and widespread protests along the Israeli-Gaza border fence, Israeli is quickly ramping up its military presence with a show of force a day after launching deadly airstrikes on Gaza in response to what officials say were two rockets fired from the strip earlier this week.   Reuters has reported some 60 Israeli […]

On This Day In History: The Fed Put Is Born

Via Global Macro Monitor, Or, at least, went into labor… Wow,  three decades and one year today, I was a young economist at the World Bank.  My friend and I, now the chief economist at the FDIC, were graduate students and walked by the White House on our way to lunch.  The stock market was […]

Moody’s Cuts Italy’s Debt Rating To One Notch Above Junk

Five months after putting Italy on downgrade watch, Moody’s has seen enough and cut Italy’s debt rating to Baa3 – one notch above junk status.   Moody’s Investors Service has today downgraded the Government of Italy’s local and foreign-currency issuer ratings to Baa3 from Baa2. The outlook on the rating has been changed to stable, […]