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Japanese Stocks Jump, Yen & Bonds Dump As BoJ Tapers Its Bond-Buying Program

As if the market needed something else to spur volatility, The Bank of Japan chose tonight to cut the size of its purchases of 5-to-10 year JGBs (from 450bn to 430bn yen). While yen initially strengthened, it is now tumbling and Japanese stocks absurdly rallying, presumably because yields on the bonds are rising. So just […]

Starbucks Quietly Walks Back “Homeless Shelter” Bathroom Policy In New “Color Brave” Employee Manual

Starbucks has quietly walked back their “all inclusive” bathroom policy, perhaps after realizing that their employees and customers alike weren’t responding well to the prospect of vagrants using their stores as a homeless shelter. As part of their new “Third Place Policy” which the company shuttered 8,000 stores to pound into employees heads on Tuesday, Starbucks […]

“Prepare For Action” – Cryptic Emergency Alert Sparks Panic For Oregon Residents

Yet another glitch in the government’s emergency alert systems sent out a cryptic warning to residents living in Salem, Oregon, and surrounding areas. As SHTFplan.com’s Mac Slavo details, the head of Oregon’s emergency management agency has since apologized, but that was too little too late after many were left in a state of panic. A […]

Here Are The 500 Million Real Reasons Why Italian 2-Year Bond Yields Plunged Today

In case you were wondering what really prompted the 65bps collapse in 2Y Italian bond yields today – since we now know that Salvini’s bait-and-switch leaves the newly formed government with even more euroskeptical and anti-immigrant officials than Mattarella originally refused? Then look no further than the  Italian Ministry of Finance… They decided today was […]

Liquidity Crisis Looms: Here, There, Everywhere

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk, Jim Puplava thinks a liquidity crisis is on the horizon. I agree, adding that the problem is global… Please pay attention to Jim Puplava at Financial Sense. He says a Liquidity Crisis Looming. In total, index funds represent $7 trillion of U.S. stock funds that have no active manager. All […]

Bye-Bye Benz: Trump Planning Ban On Luxury German Autos

Having cornered his European allies over the Iran sanctions, and tightened his grip on the EU economy over metals tariffs, an exclusive report by German magazine WirtschaftsWoche claims that President Trump is taking direct aim at Merkel and is preparing to impose a total ban on German luxury carmakers from the U.S. market. Citing several unnamed U.S. […]

Did You Sell In May?

May-hem: Small Caps Surge Most Since US Election As Crypto, Credit, & The Yield Curve Crash It all started off quite calmly and then… Or put another way… May was quite a month. Here’s the high- (and low-) lights… All major US Equity indices rose in May Small Caps surged over 6% – best month […]

Conte Reveals New Italian Government

With the fate of the Italian finance ministry post resolved amicable earlier in the day, Giuseppe Conte, Italy’s new prime minister, accepted the offer to form the new Italian government and revealed the following key members of the his cabinet: Five Star leader Luigi Di Maio named labor and economic development minister; deputy premier League […]