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Kunstler: The FBI Has Some ‘Splaining To Do

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via Kunstler.com, It’s beginning to look a little like The Day the Earth Stood Still out there, with Devin Nunes in the Klaatu role, roiling the Earthlings into a frothy hysteria as they attempt to defend their puny empire of errand boys, grocery clerks, and elected buffoons. At dawn’s early […]

Yellen Starts Work At Brookings Institution On Monday

A glitch in the monetary matrix? Fed watchers will recall that shortly after he departed the Fed to make way for Janet Yellen, Ben Bernanke first joined the Brookings Institution in DC (before also joining PIMCO and Citadel as an advisor), where he became blogger emeritus. Fast forward a little over three years, when deja […]

Massive Crypto Rebound Sends Bitcoin Back To Unchanged

Update 1055ET: While it remains an ugly week…   Cryptocurrencies have ripped back higher in the last 3 hours, smashing Bitcoin back up to unchanged on the day… *  *  * Update 0815ET: Just as we saw at yesterday’s US stock market close, dip-buyers just stepped in to Bitcoin in a significant way, lifting the […]

Honda Says China Will Soon Overtake US As Largest Market

China’s rapid, credit-fueled boom is losing its punch as new credit creation is becoming less efficient at driving growth – despite the Communist Party reporting a 6.9% growth rate for 2017 (which conveniently surpassed the party’s “targeted” growth rate of 6.5% even though Chinese economic data is widely believed to be fabricated). And even though […]

Europe’s “Fake News” Crusade to “Protect” You From Free Speech

Authored by Robbie Travers via The Gatestone Institute, “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear,” George Orwell wrote in his ant-totalitarian novel, 1984. He would probably have frowned upon the latest UK Government blueprint to create a regulatory agency that will ultimately […]

MOVES-China’s Unipec hires veteran crude trader for Hong Kong office

SINGAPORE, Feb 2 (Reuters) – Unipec, the trading arm of Asia's largest refiner Sinopec, has hired veteran crude oil trader Lee Yee Meng, who will join its office in Hong Kong in May, trade sources familiar with the matter said on Friday. Lee left Trafigura Singapore earlier this week after more than a year … The […]

CRUDE OIL Retests 66.50, what will be the next target?

Crude Oil (WTI) (FX:USOIL). Get more trading ideas from eacemi. Follow market experts, get opinions and be heard! Join the largest trading & investing community on the planet. The post <b>CRUDE OIL</b> Retests 66.50, what will be the next target? appeared first on crude-oil.news.

Erdogan Chief Advisor Threatens To “Break The Legs” Of Greece’s PM

Yigit Bulut, chief advisor to Turkish President Erdogan, has threatened Greece over the disputed islet of Imia in the Eastern Aegean Sea. “Athens will face the wrath of Turkey worse than that in Afrin,” Bulut said in a Television show of a private network. “We will break the arms and legs of officials, of the […]

“Visegrad Four” Group Of European Nations Stand United Against Brussels

Via The Duran, The leaders of the Visegrad Group (V4) were on common ground rejecting the compulsory relocation of refugees and the two-tier Europe concept, while stressing the need for a stronger Europe during their summit in Budapest on January 26.   Europe “needs to go back to the drawing board” because it has failed to […]

Gold Prices May Rise on US Jobs Data, Crude Oil at a Crossroads

Crude oil prices marched higher for a second day, this time without the benefit of clearly supportive fundamental news flow or an upturn in overall market sentiment. In fact, the lull in headline risk may have been a catalyst onto itself as investors took stock of deepening oil market backwardation. The post Gold Prices May […]