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Forex Technical Analysis: Trend potential – Place a pending order within 111.21-111.02

USDJPY – Down Technical observation USD/JPY is rising steadily towards the resistance zone 111.21-111.02.I expect a rejection of it within the zone for bearish momentum towards 109.03 and a possible breach below 109.03 for a further decline in price towards 107.34,you can place a pending trade within the zone with your ideal target at 109.03 […]

Forex Technical Analysis: Trend potential – Wait for a pullback to 1.3314-1.3280

GBPUSD – Flat Technical observation Yesterday, GBP/USD went down to the support 1.3054 sending a tail to it but could not break below it.Currently it is rising towards1.3314-1.3280 and I expect a rejection of it within the zone for bearish momentum towards 1.3054.I also expect a breakout below 1.3054 followed by a correction to it […]

Elliott waves crypto analysis – We’re short towards 390.00

ETH – Wave Analysis After breaking below 460.35, Ethereum corrected itself perfectly to the same level but could not break above it again. We expect the rebound from this level to have marked the end to any further corrections to the upperside, that the current bearish price rally is the continuation of the impulsive wave […]

Elliott waves crypto analysis – Wait for a clear buy opportunity.

BTC – Wave Analysis During the previous trading day, the impulsive wave (v) traded intensely to the lower side but still above the supportive zone 5911.46-6390.03. We’re waiting for either a rebound from this zone to pick a low risk buy position, or a breakout below this zone to pick a short position towards 5513. […]

Elliott waves analysis – We’re long towards 111.060

USDJPY – Down Wave Analysis For the past two trading days, US Dollar has formed two bullish pin bars, but still below a key daily resistance line 110.06. I expect a rally towards this target and even a breakout, should this breakout be the case, then we’ll expect further momentum to the upper side. The […]

Elliott waves analysis – We’re short below 1.3306

GBPUSD – Flat Wave Analysis Even after the previous week’s bullish pin, the cable is yet to show any significant move to the upper side, the cable is still below 1.3306 and may extend to the lower side. we expected a possible break above 1.3306 to pick a long position, however, as long as the […]

Technical crypto analysis based on breakout – Sell ETH towards 350.22.

ETH – Technical Observation On the hourly chart, ETH is still rallying below the three SMAs (14, 52, 90). The fact that the price is below the three SMAs, is a clear sign that bearish will dominate this market. Thus, instead of looking for a long position, I choose to hunt for short positions with […]

Technical crypto analysis based on breakout – Remain short towards $0.10

XRP – Technical Observation XRP is still trading below the two SMAs. As I mentioned earlier last month, I expect a rally to the lower side with an ideal take profit at $0.10. So far, unless the price clearly breaks above the two SMAs, 14,52, I expect nothing but a surge to the lower side. […]

China’s liquidity boost tempered by trade war jousting

China increases liquidity China’s central bank announced on Sunday a 50bps reduction of reserve ratio requirements for some banks effective July 5, according to its website update. This is the third reduction this year and suggests a liquidity boost of about 700b yuan (approximately $108b) for the local banking system. The central bank says it […]

Elliott waves crypto analysis – Sell up to 467.09.

ETH – Wave Analysis Ethereum failed to remain above the upper trend line and has instead broke again to the lower side. Now that the price is below this trend line and below a falling channel, we expect a possible momentum to the lower side. Ideally, we expect a break below 467.09 to confirm a […]