The oil market’s far reaching implications

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The Fed affect 

The Fed affect  After the questionable USD flop following midterms, the “Dollar weakness” story is quickly running out of favour. The Greenback was showing some Moxy in the early NY session, which was then supported as US jobless claims for Read More

As the election dust settles

Markets US markets had a tremendous post-election session as the great divide offers investors with some sense of relief that there are more checks and balances on President Trump freewheeling style of politics but has left analyst debating what this Read More

Meandering into Midterms

Meandering into Midterms These Midterms were never really expected to be a remarkable market event if they go to plan that is – but a shock on either side could spring forex markets out of this November slumber otherwise apathy Read More

Election time

Markets Monday’s garden variety price action was par for the course as traders were most unwilling to extend risk with the US Midterms and the upcoming FOMC meeting in focus. As for the Midterms, consensus suggests that only a surprise Read More

Decision Time

Decision Time  Month-end flow combined with Midterm elections uncertainty  was more than enough to keep investors busy, and there were enough head fakes from the Trump camp regarding progress on a trade deal with China to keep political uncertainly boiling. Read More

Asia market update : Risk off

China Risk  USDCNY fixed at 6.9409 today, +52 pips from last fixing and +8 pips since the previous closing at 6.9401 on 16:30 Beijing time. A bit lower than markets expectations. But the jitters are evident as demand for font Read More

Asia Market update : China risk and oil update

China risk  Shanghai index is showing some moxie in early trade as perhaps investors continue to expect the Pboc and mainland regulators to provide a more convincing backstop given that they have only tapped into a tiny part of their Read More

When the(equity) walls come tumbling down

When the (equity)walls come tumbling down What started as an innocent equities correction in Asia, spilt over into the NY session as classic risk-off unfolded as US yields dipped with oil and gold prices rocketed higher. Risk sentiment is on its Read More