China’s far reaching influence while US data is not showing any signs of letting go.

  China’s  far-reaching influence  Flagging growth in China revived global growth concerns. Naturally, pressuring  EM Asia and triggering a global equity market sell-off. But the diverging comprehensive global growth narrative should continue to favour broader  USD gains. Specifically, it was Read More

As the election dust settles

Markets US markets had a tremendous post-election session as the great divide offers investors with some sense of relief that there are more checks and balances on President Trump freewheeling style of politics but has left analyst debating what this Read More

Election time

Markets Monday’s garden variety price action was par for the course as traders were most unwilling to extend risk with the US Midterms and the upcoming FOMC meeting in focus. As for the Midterms, consensus suggests that only a surprise Read More

China markets lead global equities into the tank

A sharp drop in Chinese stocks led global markets broadly lower on Tuesday, as investors digest the impact of trade tensions on the country as well as other geopolitical worries, such as Italy‘s debt problems. After the Shanghai index closed down Read More

A wall of worry has morphed into towering wall of pain

A wall of worry has morphed into towering wall of pain Indeed, a wall of worry has morphed into towering wall of pain as extremely fragile circumstance across the capital markets continues to undermine investor confidence. Markets continue to tremble Read More

Asia market closing view: fumbling into the EU summit

Currencies  Currency markets have been relatively quiet in Asia ahead of the US Treasury FX report an no doubt markets will be eager to view the FOMC minutes where there is a considerable risk for a hawkish lean. Even more Read More

You just know that something good is going to happen

Cloudbusting: you  just know that something good is going to happen   US markets In the span of a mere 24 hours two of my most pressing question may have been answered, correctly, can the anomalously robust US equity market Read More

Asia Market update : A time out

China Data China CPI data came out bang on market expectation while the PPI rose slightly 3.6 % versus 3.5 % but continues to trend lower despite weaker Yuan and tariff price pressures. But given the delta to expectations are Read More

Risk remains on the back foot

  Risk remains on the back foot Risk sentiment remains on the back foot as the volatile stock action continued in Asia and Europe overnight. And while the US markets ended a very jittery day lower, the losses were limited Read More